Important Wedding Day Information!

On October 25th 2010 Kirsty Ann Price will be married to Steven Peter Daniels.

Find out the details of the ceremony, reception, and other bits such as places to stay and eat. You can even upload photo’s of the wedding to us straight from here, whilst also being able to view wedding photo’s too.

Important times:

11:30 Arrive at the Church!
12:00 Kirsty Arrives at the Church – Enter after the bride at your PERIL!
14:30 ish Wedding Party and Family go to the Reception for a fancy meal
20:00 ish Everyone else joins us for a boogie at the evening reception and a light snack!

We’ve got a gift list… so if you fancy giving us more than just your support and presence on the day, check out the gifts page!

See you soon… Not long till the big day!



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